About us

Association of Automotive Parts Distributors and Producers

Brings together companies from the automotive industry operating on the Polish market and specialising in the production and distribution of parts and related services. 

The market power that SDCM members collectively represent gives the association the legitimacy to express opinions and binding positions on behalf of the entire automotive sector in Poland and the ability to take effective action in defence of competition and consumer choice.

Has a real influence on legislative decisions owing to, among others, the membership of the leading European organisations related to the automotive sector – CLEPA and FIGIEFA.

Represents companies being often competitors, who still see participation and work in the association as an investment in better automotive development.

Is a thriving Polish organisation created through the cooperation of automotive parts manufacturers and distributors to help them face the transformation of the automotive.

Defends free competition and choice for consumers and businesses.

Our Mission

Real impact on legistlative processes on both domestic and international level.

Constant work on ensuring coherent and consistent development of international trade and global technical harmonization.

Promotion of innovation and works in the area of R&D.

Working for further development of industry and market of the automotive parts sector.

Brand-awareness and educational activities aiming at widening social recognition of current situation, opportunities and threats facing both automotive industry and market.

Realization of the above tasks always in line with fair competition and antitrust law.

How we work

The works of the association are managed by the Board, members of which are representatives of the largest automotive companies.

The highest authority is General Assembly of Members which creates policy of the Association.

The Working Groups appointed among members work out positions in selected areas dedicated to specific topics that are then presented to the decision makers.


Tomasz Bęben

President of the Board SDCM

Krzysztof Soszyński

Member of the Board (Inter Cars)

Adam Kapek

Member of the Board (Moto-Profil)

Mariusz Dankowski

Member of the Board (Groupauto CEE)

Joanna Krężelok

Member of the Board (TMD Friction)

Sławomir Welezinski

Member of the Board (Delphi Technologies)